ColorStream 6000 series

Efficient. Versatile. Reliable.


Next level colour printing:

Efficiency meets Chroma – Bring your applications to the next level of efficiency with the ColorStream 6000 series. Now your mail, publishing and transactional applications can enjoy excellent print quality and outstanding versatility, while you profit from the market-leading reliability.

Excellence is the new normal

Excellent quality in commercial, pharmaceutical, publishing, and transactional application, the ColorStream 6000 features a Chroma option for high colour fidelity, a wide gamut and high optical densities.

Efficient production, versatile platform

A set of key features ensures efficient production while keeping the platform versatile for a wide application spectrum from commercial to transactional..

Market leading reliability

Designed for 24/7 production and with a fieldtested availability of more than 95%* the ColorStream 6000 secures highest productivity to meet tight SLAs.
*depends on configuration.


Powerful solutions

The ColorStream enables efficient and reliable production of mail, publishing and commercial applications.

ColorStream series range

With a broad series that covers a wide range of applications, you can turn your challenges into opportunities with ColorStream 6000 series.

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