How is Customer Communication Management affecting your growth strategy today and into the future?

We spoke to 150 business leaders across Europe to create an insight report that can help you identify the key issues that are driving tomorrow’s customer engagement strategies.

The research was focussed on Financial Services, but the results are equally valid for any business concerned with how they engage with their customers.

The world is changing and evolving patterns in customer behaviour are fundamentally affecting how organisations structure their engagement programmes.

We targeted key decision makers, whose requirement to communicate en masse in a highly regulated environment makes it essential yet tough to innovate in the communications space. We discovered how they are meeting these key information challenges and what their top strategic goals and priorities in Customer Communication are in an ever changing customer landscape.


Whether you are one of the 81% of CFOs and CIOs who believe that acquiring new customers is your most critical goal in Customer Communication Management, or one of the 79% of CCMs and CFOs that believe a better understanding of existing customers is essential, this unique insight report paints a fascinating picture of the strategies and tactics that are helping to shape tomorrow’s Customer Communication Management programmes.

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