Canon 3D Machine Vision System RV Series
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Measurement Distances

RV300: Approx. 500~600 mm
RV500: Approx. 800~1,000 mm
RV1100: Approx. 1750~2350 mm
RV1100 with Option 1: 1750~2650

Measurement Areas

RV300: Up to 340 mm (d) x 340 mm (w) x 100 mm (h)
RV500: Up to 540 mm (d) x 540 mm (w) x 200 mm (h)
RV1100: Up to 1160 mm (d) x1160 mm (w) x 600 mm (h)
RV1100 with Option 2:
Option (width): Up to 1300 mm (d) x1300 mm (w) x 600 mm (h)
Option (height): Up to 1160 mm (d) x1160 mm (w) x 900 mm (h)

Measurement Method

Pattern projection method using a projector

Measurement period

Incl. measurement and recognition time

RV300 and RV500: Approx. 1.8 seconds
RV1100 and RV1100 with Option 3: Approx. 2.5 seconds 4

Body dimensions

External dimensions (excl. protrusions)

Approx. 252 mm x 206 mm x 124 mm


Approx. 6 kg

Recognition overview

Recognition method

3-D CAD model matching 5

Repeated reproducibility

RV300: ±0.1 mm
RV500: ±0.15 mm
RV1100: ±0.5 mm
RV1100 with Option 6: ±1.0 mm

Number of parts that can be registered

200 varieties


Empty pallet determination

Yes (Determines whether a pallet is empty or not)

Pallet recognition

Yes (Measures the positioning of the pallet)

Collision check

Yes (Checks whether the robotic arm will collide with a part or pallet)


Yes (Conducts calibration between the robot and scanner) 7

Interface with robot

Yes (Conducts communications with robot)

Software Options

[Option 1] Slider Mounting Support Option

Mount the 3D Vision Head onto a slider and enable measurements from multiple spots. Correctly output position and posture (6DOF) for each recognized work with the robot coordinate system at each movement spot that has been pre-registered.

[Option 2] External PC Dictionary Creation Option

This enables dictionaries to be created on PCs other than the PC connected to the 3D Vision Head.

[Option 3] Batch Recognition by Multi-Pallets Option

This enables a reduction in recognition time by placing multiple pallets that have been placed in the same field of view, and taking advantage of the fact that the work in one pallet does not influence other pallets at the time of picking to recognize multiple parts in one capture. This also applies to partitioned pallets that divide one pallet into multiple regions.

[Option 4] Consecutive Recognition Checking Option

This enables a reduction in recognition time by detecting the changed regions and determining that capturing is not required for the next parts recognition when there are works which are able to be grasped outside the changed regions.

[Option 5] Partial Work Recognition Option

This enables a reduction in wrong position and pose recognition by using CAD data of a size that fits in the measurement range or CAD data of only a part with low tolerance, even if the work to be measured is of a size that exceeds the measurement range or of a shape which significantly differs from that of the CAD data.

[Option 6] Measurement Field Expansion Option

Measurement Field Expansion Option applies to RV1100, which has the largest vision field in RV Series.
The measurement field expands by 71.4% compared to that of current RV1100.
It allows to use much larger pallets yet still guarantees accuracy and calibrations within the expanded area.8

  1. RV1100 with [Option 6] Measurement Field Expansion Option
  2. RV1100 with [Option 6] Measurement Field Expansion Option
  3. RV1100 with [Option 6] Measurement Field Expansion Option
  4. High Speed Image Recognition of Target Parts
  5. Simple and Easy Preparation with CAD data and Image File
  6. RV1100 with [Option 6] Measurement Field Expansion Option
  7. One-time Measurement of 3D Pose (Position and Orientation :6 DOF)
  8. the option is only available for new order of RV1100 starting August 2017; the option requires 3D Machine Vision Recognition Software Version 2.0.0; the option does not apply to RV300 and RV500.