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Meet Canon Explorer Markus Varesvuo

I’ve been drawn to birds since childhood and started taking pictures of birds quite early on. After a while, my interest in birds evolved into a passion in bird photography.

Some might feel it’s not much fun to get up well before sunrise to go out and photograph birds, or go out in blizzards and freezing temperatures, or stay for hours cooped up in hot photo hides but for me the discomforts are beside the point. The point is the joy of being outside, following the birds and chasing pictures that stand out – the thrill of photography is in expression.

As a photographer whose subject matter is birds, I mainly shoot with long tele lenses. Birds are hunted in Europe, where I do most of my photographing, and this makes them shy. Close-ups require as much reach as possible, and my main lens, Canon 600mm f/4 II, rises to the challenge beautifully.

Even with a 2X III extender the lens produces excellent results, giving me a whopping 1200mm reach. This I use for extremely closeup portraits and with very skittish birds, where I need to cover greater distances.

Another key feature for a bird photographer, right up there with image quality, is focusing speed. In situations that I know will prove extremely challenging, I need to shoot handheld to be free to follow my fast-flying subject. I can do handheld with the 600mm II, because at just 3.9kg it’s much lighter than its predecessor. The combination of Canon EOS-1D X Mark II, set to continuous focus and 61 focusing points, and the 600mm f/4 II yields an impressive ratio of successful frames even in the most demanding situations.

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