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…is a Copenhagen-based autodidact photographer. He became interested in photography exactly 10 years ago when Ungdomshuset, Jagtvej 69 was torn down. He is a well-known building climbing photographer who loves to explore the world’s hidden gems.

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Kenneth Nguyen København
Kenneth Nguyen København


"It just hit me that it’s exactly ten years ago that I found out that I wanted to be a photographer. When I saw the many photos after the riots in January 2007, I was engulfed by them and felt my presence in the pictures. Then it dawned on me what I should do with my future."

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Kenneth Nguyen København


"I’m often amazed by people or the urban life in CPH that can make me stop. My photographic eye has changed much. Given that I travel a lot I try to be narrative in the images I take. It’s important that the viewer feel as if they are with me on my journey."

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Kenneth Nguyen København
Local guides

The Local Guides Photo Contest has ended

The Local Guides photo competition has ended and the winners will be notified in person. All images shared on Google Maps from May 15 to June 9 is featured in the competition to win the Canon EOS M10 camera.

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