Canon VarioPrint 2090 Prémia Class

VarioPrint 2090 Prémia Class

For walk-up productivity the VarioPrint 2090 Prémia Class is the perfect solution. This easy-to-use system combines throughput, reliability, consistent image quality, media versatility and finishing, With its “tray lock” feature and integrated booklet maker, the VarioPrint 2090 Prémia Class is the ideal printing system for universities, schools, libraries, public services and printshops.


  • Simultaneous printing, scanning and copying
  • Unlimited next-job programming
  • Queue management on integrated user interface
  • Programming of covers and inserts
  • Tabs: printed, caption printing and inserts


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The need for speed

Getting a job done on time is important for any organization. The VarioPrint 2090 Prémia Class can produce 85 A4 images or 43 A3 per minute. This equates to between 50,000 and 250,000 prints per month.

Many different input and output configurations

Input paper trays
Standard capacity: 4,600 sheets
Standard weight range: 60-170 g/m² from all trays
Extended weight range: 50-250 g/m² from all trays
Standard sizes: A4, B4, A3, letter, legal and ledger
Tabs and post process inserts from one tray
Empty tray detection and paper level indication
Automatic paper tray selection
Automatic tray linking
Paper trays refillable during printing
Air separation in all trays
Vacuum feed in all trays
Tray locking

Four-tray configuration:

Total capacity of 4,600 sheets
Trays 1 and 2: 600 sheets each
Trays 3 and 4: 1,700 sheets each
All trays user configurable, A4-A3; Letter - Ledger

Optional output integrated finishing:

Offline stapling
Corner stapling of any kind of media
Stapling during printing possible
Maximum set size 70 sheets (depends on media thickness)

Integrated booklet maker (iBLM):

One-20 sheets (80 g/m2) saddle-stitch
Support of B4/A4/A5 booklets
Single-sided, double-sided
With and without booklet imposition
Integrated in the machine design
Full error recovery
No extra floor space required
Separate output tray

Output in-line finishing:

Open finishing interface allows connection to virtually any finishing device
offers direct or via third parties:
Punching, trimming and folding, binding, booklet making, enveloping machines, stacking, stapling/stitching

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