PrintKey for SAP Business Suite

PrintKey for SAP Business Suite

PrintKey was developed to realize good communication between SAP and one of the PRISMA spooling or print management systems. PrintKey is a server-based component that will be installed together with the chosen print management or spooling system.


  • PrintKey enables output management solutions for SAP that is integrated as Business Add On in the SAP environment. Nothing will change for the user.


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For the system administrator PrintKey opens up new possibilities to automate and increase the security and integrity for the SAP output management.

Advantages and Benefits

Printkey addresses specifically the weaknesses of SAP in generating output: hard to manage and control, no feedback, no check on completion. If the implementation of PrintKey includes Document Designer it will also improve the document creation part of the process. The development of forms will be shortened and the possibilities for forms creation will be increased.

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