Arizona 550 XT

Arizona 550 XT

Arizona® Series printers are recognized as the best in the market for several reasons: exceptional print quality and value, plus the ability to help customers truly innovate their business. Now the best is available in a model that is twice as large and nearly twice as fast: the Arizona 550 XT printer. This production-speed printer delivers the same award-winning print quality and is the fastest yet. It’s oversized table can be used to produce extra large prints on rigid media or objects, and can even print non-stop for boards/objects 125 x 250 cm in size or less.


  • Produce nearly 110 boards (125 cm x 250 cm ea) in one 8-hour shift
  • Produce near-photographic quality indoor or outdoor graphics; suitable even for close-viewed POP and backlit applications
  • Print high margin specialty applications on oversized rigid media and objects
  • Add the White Ink Option to expand your application capability
  • Consume half the ink of most printers in this class per printed square meter; only 8 ml/m2 average consumption including all maintenance
  • Print on rigid and roll media with the same high quality results


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Grab attention with high quality, flatbed UV printer

No more trade-offs between image quality and speed. VariaDotTM imaging technology produces ink droplets from 6 to 42 picolitres, resulting in superb image detail, smooth color transitions and vivid, uniform solid colors for closely-viewed signage and POP materials. Amazing results from a UV inkjet printer whatever the media or application.
Profit from new money makers with versatile UV flatbed printer.
This extra large format flatbed printer lets you print on rigid panels up to 2.5 m x 3.05 m, and up to 50 mm thick; and flexible rolls up to 220 cm wide. You can even print on irregularly-shaped, reasonably flat objects, by simply placing them on the flatbed printer table.
Most printers can only do one or two things really well, but the Arizona 550 XT flatbed printer does it all and more. Think parts templates for airplanes, CD covers, chairs, fast food menus, fabric, glass, plywood – even a full sized garage door – plus anything you need for indoor and outdoor display graphics printing too. Don’t just replace your analogue printing capacity with digital, innovate your business and boost your margins producing specialty items not possible with any other digital printer. Choose Arizona printers whenever image quality and application versatility are both hard requirements.

The Arizona 550 XT printer reduces impact on resources

The Arizona 550 XT printer complies with all relevant health and safety directives including CE, TUV, BG, CCC and others. It also complies with the European RoHS directives for heavy metal content.

Several options are available for the Arizona 550 XT printer:

Roll Media Option
The Roll Media Option offers new possibilities for all Arizona family printers. Supporting flexible media rolls from 90 to 220 cm wide, it gives you the ability to print on almost any flexible media including banner v

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