How is the Manufacturing sector changing?

We spoke to 200 business leaders across Europe to create an insight report that delves into repercussions of the challenges manufacturing industries are facing today.

With customer behaviour changing dramatically as a result of more product variety and availability, a greater demand for personalisation and need for better value and fulfilment, the manufacturing industry faces more pressures than ever before.

We spoke with 200 key decision makers in the Manufacturing industry across Europe, who’s continual need to balance these market forces to do things cheaper, faster and better in order to maintain profitability, are finding this transformation increasingly more difficult.  We discovered the most important factors for change include an improvement in cost management, innovation and productivity. However whilst innovations in core functions such as design, production, sales and support are essential they should also consider more peripheral areas such as ‘product information’ and documentation as key success factors. 

Discover the impact of product information strategy on your business’ profit. How does the management of all product-related information and documentation inform multiple divisions, functions in your organisation and ultimately your customers to improve the design, production and usage of your products? Find out how optimizing your information and document management processes can account for up to 15% of a company’s total costs.

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