Repro Desk Studio Műszaki adatok


Easy software tool for end-users to view & print technical documents, and to account print, scan, and copy activity

Main functionalities

Exact viewing of how your printed files will look
Direct printing to multiple wide format devices
Automatic, integrated accounting of every job


Easy job creation
Set printing properties for the individual sheets or globally
View exactly how the files will appear on the paper
The high fidelity viewer can clearly display even the smallest detail
Print directly to a single wide format device or a group of devices
One application to print either in-house or externally at your reprographer
Receive notifications at your desktop about the status of your job
Print accounting on and non- wide format devices
Scan and copy accounting on wide format devices
Allocation of jobs to projects
Reports & data generation
Easy job management on the server
Automatic job split based on device capabilities and document properties
Easy load balancing of large jobs over multiple printers
Build-in rules engine allows automating specific workflows