Below are some helpful questions and answers about your Self Service Portal account.

What is the Customer Canon Self Service Portal?

The Canon Self Service Portal is a secure, user friendly online portal, designed to give customers greater control, visibility and peace of mind over their Canon products and services.

There are five types of roles that can be set up in the Portal:

  • Administrator:

    Formerly known as Account Manager, the Administrator is the main point of contact within an organisation for managing Canon products and services. The Administrator has visibility on all Canon Products assigned to their account(s) and they can delegate their responsibilities to other users who can also be assigned as Administrators.

  • Device Manager:

    Formerly known as Product Manager, the Device Manager is someone who has been assigned to take care of the service activities of a product (e.g. create tickets, enter meter readings and update the product location). The Device Manager has visibility only on products assigned to them.

  • Stock Manager:

    A Stock Manager is responsible for maintaining details on the stock associated to a set of devices, which are set up for automated e-Maintenance toner replenishment. This role has access to the stock location details such as name, shipping instructions and stock levels.

  • Device -Stock Manager:

    A combination of these two roles as described above.

  • Knowledge User:

    A Knowledge User can only view Knowledge content and cannot perform any other actions on the Portal.

Why has Canon introduced it?

Canon is responding to customer feedback for an effective online solution that will allow them to place requests, when convenient for them, in the knowledge that these will be picked up and handled by Canon in a timely, effective manner. Wherever possible, the means to resolve a problem for themselves or contact Canon customer services for a fast and effective solution should also be available.

By introducing the Canon Self Service Portal, Canon will enable customers to view and manage their account information, manage their products, submit meter readings (to facilitate accurate billing) and submit and monitor the progress of tickets 24/7.

Can Canon customer services see the same information as me through the Canon Self Service Portal and is it updated for both parties in real time?

The Canon customer service representative can view the same information as you but they also have additional information available regarding your ticket history, payment history and credit status to ensure that they can support you as much as possible when you contact Canon. The Portal you access is also synchronised with the systems the Canon customer representatives, service dispatch planners and service engineers use (although the information they have available about your account will vary according to their needs) so that if you or Canon make any account information changes/ticket updates to the system it may be viewed by all necessary parties.

How secure is the Portal and the method for transferring data between your different systems and parties as I have concerns over the volume of information you may have about my organisation?

The Canon owned Siebel-based technology used behind the Canon Self Service Portal, customer service/contact centre system and remote tools for sharing customer information out in the field are fully audited and approved by Canon’s ICT Security team and meet the required industry standards for data compliance and protection. Strict data security rules exist between Canon and its preferred services & support suppliers which have their own strict codes of practice and quality assurance procedures for maintaining data protection.

The Canon Self Service Portal doesn’t seem to display correctly for me. What internet browser should I be using?

Internet Explorer 11, Firefox and Google Chrome are all supported but Google Chrome is recommended for best results using the Self Service Portal.

Who is the Canon Self Service Administrator for my organisation? Should it be me?

The Canon Self Service Administrator should be the main point of contact within your organisation for managing Canon products and services. If this is you, you can delegate your responsibilities to other users who can also be assigned as Administrators or Device Managers for your organisation.

So if you normally manage a large number of Canon products across multiple sites you can assign other colleagues in other sites to take responsibility for this on your behalf but you will still maintain overall control and visibility of the product portfolio. If Canon needs to contact you regarding services & support information or anything to do with your account or a particular device they will contact you or the relevant Administrator.

Who is the Canon Self Service Device Manager for my organisation?

This should be someone in your organisation who has been assigned by the Administrators(s) to take care of the service activities of a product (e.g. create tickets, enter meter readings and update the product location). Unlike the Administrator, they will not be able to set up other Administrators or Device Managers to delegate responsibilities to and will not be the first point of contact for any Services & Support communications from Canon.

When I log a ticket through Canon Self Service when does the response time start?

Tickets will be dealt with during normal operating hours. Registration requests submitted outside this time will be handled at the next available working day/time. Canon will always endeavour to respond to a ticket (and if necessary attend in person and fix) within the customer’s contracted response time.

Why do I have to provide an email address, what if I do not want to?

An email address is required to enable you to register with Canon Self Service use its functions and receive important account information updates from Canon. If you do not wish to provide us with this information you will need to continue logging tickets by telephone through our normal numbers.

I have registered on Canon Self Service with an incorrect email address how can I rectify this?

Please contact your local Customer Services helpdesk who will assist you with this.

I have registered my details on Canon Self Service however I have not received a confirmation email.

Please contact your local Customer Services helpdesk who will assist you with this.

Our account is displaying machines which we no longer have, how can these be removed?

Please contact your local Customer Services helpdesk to inform them of this and your account details will then be updated.

When I log into Canon Self Service I see two account reference numbers. Why is this?

The Customer Account number is the account reference which currently appears on your Canon contract, invoice, quote or tender documents. The System Account number is how you are identified by Canon Customer Services.

The Canon Self Service Portal will not accept my meter readings, what should I do?

Please ensure that when submitting meter readings that they comply with the instructions:

  1. The meter readings cannot be less than the previous ones
  2. They may only be entered once a day.

If this is all in order, please supply your Canon Contact Centre with the meter readings over the phone and this will be investigated or updated accordingly.

All accepted meter readings will show in the meter history the next time you log in to Canon Self Service Portal.