Canon HJ24ex7.5B IRSE S/IASE S


A class-leading portable telephoto lens with a 24x zoom and unrivalled focal length of 180mm, the HJ24ex7.5B offers exceptional HDTV performance with enhanced image quality, ease of use and operability.


  • Class-leading portable telephoto HDTV production lens with 24x zoom and 7.5-180mm focal length (up to 360mm with a built in extender).
  • Advanced optical performance with high resolution from centre to the edges in both close-up and telephoto
  • Excellent aberration correction over the entire zoom range for sharper and clearer images
  • Compact and lightweight with enhanced balance for improved handling and easy shoulder-mounted operation
  • Enhanced operability with quick start-up and support for ALAC/CAC camera aberration correction
  • Reduced power consumption


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Class-leading telephoto lens

A breakthrough lens that is first in its class* for zoom ratio and focal distance, this portable wide-angle, HD lens offers a 24x optical zoom and a versatile focal length range of 7.5-180 mm (up to 360mm with a built in extender). Competitively priced, it is ideal for a wide range of studio and ENG applications including news, sports, and documentaries.

Advanced optical performance

Building dramatically on the outstanding optical performance of its predecessor, (the popular HJ22ex7.6B) the HJ24ex7.5B offers high resolution from centre to the edges in both close-up and telephoto shots and provides excellent aberration correction over the entire zoom range for sharper and clearer images. The combination of excellent specifications and high image quality makes possible a broad range of creative expression.

Compact and lightweight with improved handling

Compared with its predecessor, the HJ24ex7.5B is noticeably lighter - weighing just 1.78kg - and offers a comprehensive improvement in handling with excellent manoeuvrability, ease of operation and reduced physical stress during prolonged shooting. You'll appreciate the user-friendly design as soon as you place it on your shoulder. The center of gravity is closer to the mount, lessening strain on the hands and elbows and allowing easy movement of the camera in any situation. An easier to use settings menu adds to overall operator satisfaction.

Enhanced operability

The HJ24ex7.5B incorporates an enhanced digital drive unit that is mounted to the lens at an optimum angle for comfort and balance and offers advanced operation and systems support. Start-up is fast thanks to a high-performance encoder that supports communication with 2/3" HDTV cameras equipped with aberration correction functionality, without the need to initialise the lens. More accurate detection of positional information also enables more exac

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